‘Produce 48’ fans accused of copying JBJ concepts

YBY‘ fans have been accused of copying JBJ.

Just like the first two seasons of ‘Produce 101‘, ‘Produce 48’ also produced a fan-made group made of members who fans really wanted to see in a group together. The group is named YBY and includes Kim Na Young, Kim Do Ah, Kim Si Hyun,Wang Yi Ren, Takahashi Juri, and Shiroma Miru.
While the idea of a runner-up group is not unique to JBJ (‘Produce 101’ season 1 produced IBI), JBJ fans are accusing YBY fans of creating concepts that are taken straight from JBJ. In fact, the concept photos that YBY fans created seem to be taken directly from JBJ’s “Fantasy” and “My Flower” concepts.
In fact, fans pointed out that there was no denying that YBY fans had taken JBJ concepts because YBY fans themselves had told fellow fans to look at JBJ concept photos for reference, including pre-formation fanmade clips. In the YBY open KakaoTalk room, a fan told the other fans to ‘ignore’ JBJ fans’ displeasure.jbj_1538268084_1jbj_1538268448_2jbj_1538268448_3

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