Fans Notice BTS’ Jungkook Wearing Something Special On ‘Good Morning America’

BTS made their appearance on popular morning show ‘Good Morning America’ on September 26 where they performed their latest hit ‘IDOL’, and more.

Fans all over the globe tuned in to watch the groups interview, and some of them had their eyes on Jungkook’s left wrist.
Fans finally noticing that the BTS member Jungkook wore the custom watch he received from President Moon Jae In.
Fans pointing out the significance, not just being any watch, it is a custom watch that BTS received from the First Lady of South Korea during their attendance at the United Nations
Seeing Jungkook wearing the special gift, fans commented, “He must’ve been so happy to receive that gift. So cute”, “He wants to show it off hahah he’s so adorable”, “Jungkook is too cute.”

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