Uni.T and DIA confront an awkward issue on ‘Weekly Idol’

Uni.T and DIA confronted an awkward issue on ‘Weekly Idol‘.
On the September 26th episode, Uni.T and DIA were tasked with undertaking the ‘Only Hear It’ challenge. They discussed how ‘The Unit‘ project group Uni.T debuted not even 1 year ago, while DIA have been a girl group for 4 years. However, it got complicated when it was brought up the Uni.T members themselves are in fact sunbaes.

Kim Shin Young commented, “These two teams’ backgrounds are unsure because each Uni.T member individually is a sunbae, but DIA is the sunbae as a whole.” Uni.T member Jiwon then said coolly, “Is that so? If that’s so, then we’ll acknowledge it.”



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