iKON’s Koo Jun Hoe apologizes to fans for Instagram post and comments

iKON‘s Koo Jun Hoe has apologized to fans for his controversial Instagram post and comments.
Koo Jun Hoe responded flippantly to fans on Instagram who expressed concern after the iKON member posted a photo of a gift from Japanese comedian/film director Kitano Takeshi, who’s known to have expressed anti-Korean sentiment in the past. It seems the iKON member had a change of heart because on September 25, he made the following apology:

“I’m sorry. He was an actor I liked, and I didn’t know any of the other information. Because my fans are like my friends, I didn’t realize talking comfortably with them would become like this. I’m truly sorry. In the future, I’ll become someone who speaks carefully. I’m sorry for causing concern.”

As previously reported, fans saw his post concerning Kitano Takeshi and warned him, “Kitano Takeshi has a history of controversy for hating Korea. Please delete all related posts [about Kitano Takeshi].” Koo Jun Hoe later responded, “Don’t order me to do this or that~~ I don’t like it he,” and added there was no issue with liking an artist.



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