ZICO Is Leaving Block B…?!?!

Reports have come in that Zico is leaving Block B.

The rappers contract with agency Seven Seasons ends in November, and he has told his close friends that he plans to no longer be active as a Block B member. Reportedly despite many calls from multiple labels and crews, he is planning or promoting without a label by himself.

[Zico] is fulfilling the schedules that were set by the agency in mid-September. However, activities scheduled afterwards, as well as the end-of-the-year activities, are being managed by Zico himself.

I’ve recently been in contact with him.

— Insider

The decision to no surprise has come to a shock to some Block B fans as well as upsetting many of them as well. However, many fans express their lack of surprise as many Block B members have been involved in their own solo activities.

Zico has reported to be carrying out schedules through Seven Seasons until the end of September and then he will be making his own decisions for the rest of the year.

“We can’t tell you the specific details because we are currently talking with him about the contract expiration. His schedule is being adjusted as more cities could be added to his tour.”

— Seven Seasons


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