Hara speaks with press on day of police questioning

Former KARA member Hara spoke with press on the day of her police questioning.

Hara’s ex-boyfriend underwent police questioning on September 17, and he continued to deny he physically assaulted Hara during their altercation on the 13th. Since then, Dispatch has revealed photos of Hara’s bruises allegedly caused by her ex-boyfriend C, and she’s also alleged he tried to blackmail her.

At the Seoul Gangnam Police Station on September 18, Hara looked unwell as she stated, “The problem isn’t about who hit who first. I think it’s an issue that will be revealed after the police investigation. I’m going to dutifully undergo the police investigation.” As for C’s claims that he did not lay a hand on her, she responded, “That’s something that will be revealed through the police investigation,” and on the extent of her injuries, Hara said, “It’s as was stated in the diagnosis.”

In Hara’s initial statement with police, she stated C had kicked her first and damaged her household appliances after entering her home drunk, so she retaliated by scratching him.



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