Jimin Surpasses Kang Daniel’s 13 Month Reign As Individual Boy Group Member in Brand Values?!!

On 13th September, the Monthly Idol brand value ranking list was released and to everyones surprise, BTS’ Jimin was found at the top spot, defeating Kang Daniel’s 13 month reign at No.1?!


BTS’s Jimin as the No.1 individual boy group member achieved a total of 10,139,268 points, whilst Kang Daniel received 9,812,320 points.

Notably, BTS Jungkook also came up high in the ranks, landing in 3rd place for individual brand values.

 Check out the full list below! jimin_kang-daniel_1536973072_Screen_Shot_2018-09-14_at_8.57.17_PM.png

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