A.C.E team up French producer/DJ HCUE for a collaboration single !

This will mark A.C.E’s first ever collaboration with a foreign artist. HCUE, who took an interest in K-Pop, discovered A.C.E’s MV and contacted the group for the collaboration. The upcoming single “I Feel So Lucky” is a Moombahton genre, mixing in K-Pop elements.


Check out HCUE’s interview regarding his collaboration track “I Feel So Lucky”, below.

Q: What were your thoughts after collaborating with A.C.E?
A: “I am very satisfied. A.C.E’s vocal tracks were so perfect, I barely needed to make any touchups. Not only were their vocals excellent, they perfectly understood the direction I was going for.”

Q: A.C.E are known not only for their vocals, but for their dance performances. Have you seen their MVs?
A: “Of course. I couldn’t help but be surprised with their talents in dancing after watching their MV, and it was one reason I wanted to collaborate with them.”

Q: An introduction to “I Feel So Lucky” feat. A.C.E.
A: “It has a very addicting melody which I think Koreans will like.”

The collaboration will on September 14 at 12 PM KST!

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