Financial analyst highlights new artist debut plans from SM, JYP, and YG from now until 2020

According to a financial report published by an analyst of Hana Financial Group, new artist debut plans from the entertainment industry’s Big 3 – SM, JYP, and YG – are as follows.

A chart of SM’s artist activities does not list any new artists aside from NCT China. Artists marked in red (TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, and Girls’ Generation) means these artists have been under the company for over 7 years. Artists marked in yellow (EXO until 2019, Red Velvet, NCT, and NCT China) are still under the 7-year mark.
Notably, SM’s chart indicates NCT China’s debut in the first half of 2019, in addition to noting military enlistment plans for SHINee in 2019 and 2020, and also for EXO in 2020.
Unlike SM, JYP’s promotion plan chart lists out 4 unnamed new artists, in addition to their known Chinese group Boy Story. 2PMare the only artists listed in the promotions chart marked in red, and who also have military enlistment plans listed out by 2019.
The chart below indicates the following to debut in 2018: Stray Kids, new Korean girl group, and Boy Story. In 2019: new Chinese boy group, new Japanese girl group. In 2020: new Korean girl group.
YG Entertainment’s promotion plan chart only lists one new artist debut – a new boy group to debut in the first half of 2019. The plan also lists out additional military enlistment for Big Bang in 2019, and no projected military enlistment plans for WINNER or iKON until past 2020.

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