15 Times BTS Made You Say “Me AF”

BTS may be becoming global superstars but that doesn’t stop them from still giving us some relatable moments and quotes that’ll make you say “Mood”.

1. When they summarised you during exams

2. When Suga was an actual mood

3. When you actually do nothing all day

4. When you treat yourself to a midnight snack

5. This summarises what you are like after a test

6. Trying to justify your overeating like:

7. Me at Christmas… or any day actually

8. Jungkook alone if literally my everyday mood

9. Trying to understand the BTS theories be like


10. Me when I wake up… or at lunch… or at night- actually 24/7

11. When you get to school

12. How Lazy am I? on a scale of 1 – Suga….. Suga

13. Literally me right now

14. This quotable line is actually just everyone mood

15. Me when I see my crush…. or I’m with friends or if I ever saw BTS in person

Which BTS mood is the most relatable to you?


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