13 Rap Parts In K-Pop You Must Listen Too!

Rapline in K-pop a spitting straight fire! 

As most K-pop groups have a rap line, and sometimes you just hear that changes everything in the song!

The K-pop fandom on Reddit have been talking about what they think are the best rap parts in K-pop, and although it is hard to pick here is a small collection of rap verses that should be put on your must-listen list!


MONSTA X: “Dramarama”

Jooheon and IM really know how to bounce off of each other

(G)I-DLE: Dollar

Soyeon’s opening rap proves how talented she really is


Le is a seriously dynamic rapper and it even more obvious in this song

BIGBANG: Bang Bang Bang

T.O.P and GD are well known for their rapping skills and this song is unforgettable in their verses

EXO: Monster

Sehun and Chanyeols swapping lines with the dark grungy feeling is something you can easily become obsessed with

Block B: “Very Good”

You can not deny that having Zico in their song definitely makes an impact

4Minute: Crazy

HyunA proves in this on how much of a powerful rapper she is!

BTOB “I’ll Be Your Man”

Although the rap line might no get a lot of attention, however, the ending rap line from Minhyuk and Ilhoon deserves some praise

BLACKPINK: As If It’s Your Last

Lisa’s rap verse fierce and dynamic and it suits her perfectly

BTS: “Sea”

BTS has many powerful rap verses, but the lyrics in “Sea” especially Suga’s verse is something really memorable

f(x): 4 Walls

Ambers flow between English and Korean is just amazing!

B.A.P: Wake Me Up

Zelo and Yongguk are really unique which makes the emotions in this song much more impactful

NCT U: The 7th Sense

Mark’s “long ass ride”. That’s all.




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