LOCO says he has no interest in ‘Show Me the Money 777’

551028B5-98AF-4CCF-A314-D814BCFB703C.jpegRapper LOCO revealed he has no interest in appearing on ‘Show Me the Money 777‘.
Viewers of the ‘Show Me the Money’ series know LOCO took the title of winner in the first season of the competition show in 2012, and he was asked whether he’d be interest in appearing in season 7 during the press conference for ‘Eat with Form‘. LOCO said, “I’ve already won ‘Show Me the Money’ and featured as a producer, so I have no interest.”

He continued, “I’m doing my own music well, so rather than ‘Show Me the Money’, I have more interest in the disappearance of food items.”

SBS‘ ‘Eat with Form’ premieres on September 7 at 11:20PM KST



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