Is Spectrum Copying BTS??

Netizens have put boy group Spectrum under fire for reportedly copying BTS.

Wyn Entertainment announced that the boy group would be releasing the song “Dear, My”, the track was said to be especially special as the lyrics were partially completed by their late member Kim Dong Yoon before he passed away in July.

Before the full release of the song today, the members had written and dedicated a heartfelt letter and an album image for the tribute piece. However, the cover image became the target of a lot of criticism among fans. Claiming that the concept for “Dear, My” is incredibly similar to the BTS concept photo for ‘Love Yourself: Tear.

The criticism comes from the 7-member of spectrum posed in similar denim outfits while barefoot, which is similar to the BTS  concept photo.
After the releasing netizens started to fire a the group commenting,  “The content of the article is unfortunate so I was hesitant to leave a comment… but why did they copy BTS’ ‘Fake Love’ photo? The number of members is the same, as well as the jean colors, and pose. It’s like they only swap faces”, “They’re so thoughtless. They should’ve at least copied something from a while back. Are they not ashamed?”, “I thought my eyes were bad. As a fan, I can’t help but get mad at how they’ve copied the photos from the album they just finished promoting a couple months ago”, “Is this BTS cosplay???”
what do you think of the similarities??

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