JYP Are Debuting A New Group!?!?

JYP Entertainment has announced the official debut of their first all Chinese boy group Boy Story!

Today JYP Entertainment announced that “Boy Story, who’s our bridge to the Chinese market, have created a strong foundation through a year of pre-debut promotions. They will be making their official debut in September.”


Boy Story is the all-Chinese boy group that has been created by JYP China and TME  (China Tencent’s music entertainment group). The groups will contain 6 members  Han Yu (14), Zi Hao(13), Ze Yu (13), Xin Long (13), Ming Rui (12), and Shu Yang (11).

Boy story started their promotions with their single “How Old R U” in September 2017 and their second single “Can’t Stop” was released in December, the third single “Jump Up” in March, and the fourth single “Handz Up” in June.

The representative form JYPE saying “Boy Story will be taking over the Chinese market with their official debut and grand scale showcase in September. They’ve already shown their unique color and talent through various pre-single projects and contents. We’re looking forward to them gaining more love and support from the Chinese public.”

Are you excited for the group’s official debut?


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