‘BTS Act’ to give military exemption to artists is getting ready ??


The debate on military exemption is sparking up after politician Kim Joong Ro announced his plans for the ‘BTS Act’.

Kim Joon Ro of The Bareunmirae Party is preparing the ‘BTS Act’, which aims to give military exemption to artists that have received global recognition. Kim Joong Ro stated, “If they are fulfilling the duties of multiple diplomats then they deserve it. Look at BTS. They’re the best out of the best national representatives.”

Ahn Min Suk of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism agreed to exemption policy reform and stated, “BTS has served the nation well by ranking No.1 on the Billboard chart.”


On the other hand, politician Kim Byung Ki believes all military exemption policies should be completely removed and those who qualify for an exemption should fulfill the national duty by the age 50 in other methods of service such as an instructor.

Regarding the debate on the military exemption, a government official of a high position commented, “We have to calmly carry out the discussion because the media boiling,” and added, “We have to look into it to see if it is truly realistic.”

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