RM Goes Viral for his Good Looks During Soribada Awards Backstage?!

Due to a viral clip of RM backstage of the ‘Soribada Awards 2018’, Korean netizens are claiming that RM has gotten increasingly more attractive!

Here is the video that made people go crazy over RM’s good looks!

After seeing this video, many Korean netizens complimented RM on his idol-worthy looks!

“Joon just radiates FINE energy. He doesn’t need a typical conventionally attractive face, he’s got such a powerfully attractive aura.”

“No but I’ve never really thought about him before but recently, I find him handsome? I’m not joking… I get that people have prejudices about him but I’m seriously not joking and I find him handsome; he kinda gives me the adult vibes? Also, he’s so tall. I really want to see him in real life ㅠㅠ”

“My mom saw Bangtan and the first thing she said was Namjoon is the most handsome.”

Netizen’s also commented that RM’s attractiveness was the kind that was unique and real, not so stereotypically idol looking but still attractive in his own way.

“Of course, he’s famous for being real. He doesn’t hide or change himself.”

“Even when he debuted and he had strange bomb-like hair imo I still don’t think I would want anything different because it was real.”

“It always depends on a person’s personal preference, but he is the most shocking member to ever see. The height and proportions and his aura combined are truly overwhelming. If you combine that with the warmth of his eyes, his smile, dimples and his gentle voice, you’ll definitely be confused.”

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Don’t you think RM is handsome?!

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