ARMY’s Split On BTS’s Current Style Choices vs Debut?!

So, apart from BTS’ incredibly successful global domination and record breaking, another hot topic recently has been BTS’ fashion choices.

Debuting back in 2013, BTS started off with a very strong hip-hop look, sporting co-ordinating monochrome outfits. However, as the years have gone by, it seems like BTS are straying away from unity and focusing more on individuality.

We Are Bulletproof Era (2013)


NO Era (2014)

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 18.55.13

DNA (2017)


IDOL (2018)


Netizens have began to notice their change in style and opinions are rather mixed.

“I feel like ever since ‘DNA’, the outfits don’t feel united anymore and it’s all over the top.”

“Seriously the cordi needs to reflect.”?

“Up to ‘DNA’, I used to find everything the cordi gave them so pretty, but since ‘Fake Love’, it just looked weird to me.”

However there are some netizens that are fully for their change in style:

“Huh? but I find those totally pretty! And they suit the concept too. Isn’t it better than everyone wearing the same thing all the time? If you’re at BTS’s level, you have the right to be more experimental.”

“The outfits really do make them stand out though. After this week of promotions and sitting through music shows, the outfits the other boy groups wear seem pretty basic. I’m personally not a fan of the ‘Fake Love’ or ‘I’m Fine’ styling but I love the ‘Idol’ outfits. They fit really well with the song and energy.”

“I totally love their outfits and them going well with the concept is a plus. I especially adored their ‘I’m Fine’ performance outfits.”

What do you think of BTS’ style evolution?? Comment below!


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