Times that Jungkook and V proved that they are #FriendshipGoals

There is a reason why so many fans love Vkook

1. When Jungkook Carried V during a performance 

2. They literally made up there own secret handshake 

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3. When Jungkook put V’s hair in a iconic ponytail 

4. When they said the same thing during an interview 

5. They refuse to let their Pokemon team name die 

6. When this almost happened 

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7. When they used their team work to guess items 

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8. When V literally carries Jungkook in “Fake Love” 

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9. They both know how to make eachother smile and laugh 

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10. When Monkey Tae was born 

11. When he fed Taehyung while cooking 

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12. When V sneezed in his face but he got his revenge 

13. When V tired to give Jungkook puppy kisses 

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14. When V gave Jungkook a back hug 

15…… also this one 

16. This Iconic Burger King commercial 

17. When they slept next to each other during Bon Voyage 

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18. This amazing eye contact that then turned into silliness 

19. And this time they cuddled together as well

Image result for vkook sleep gif

20.  When V sat in Jungkook’s lap and said: “You’re mine!”

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What are your favorite #Vkook moments

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