ASTRO’s Sanha calls his fellow ‘Yogobara’ MC G-Friend’s Umji ‘hyung’?

On this week’s episode of SBS MTV‘s ‘Yogobara‘, G-Friend‘s Umji will be sharing the story of how her fellow MC ASTRO‘s Sanha calls her “hyung”!

The two MCs commented during this broadcast that they’ve become friendlier since the show first started, and Umji added, “Sanha calls me hyung these days.”
Sanha, looking flustered, began explaining to viewers that it was by accident! He reasoned that whether he’s at home with his family or at his dorm with his ASTRO members, he’s surrounded by hyungs, and so the “hyung” just came out before he realized it.
Also on this episode, Sanha plans on inviting a ‘special guest’ out for some VR games. You can catch this week’s ‘Yogobara’ airing on Sunday at 10:30 PM KST!

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