BTS turn down all interview requests in LA!!!

BTS has announced that they are taking a break from interviews while in LA as part of their tour.

The news surfaced after George Pennacchio, who is a reporter for ABC7 took to Twitter to announce that BTS has decided to not have any interviews when they are in Los Angeles for their ‘Love Yourself’ tour.
He tweeted, “Okay, #BTSARMY, I hate to break this news but I learned tody that BTS has now decided to turn down ALL interview requests while they’re in LA. I’m told the guys want to focus on their shows ‘and are doing absolutely nothing else’. I’ll still cover the concert for you.

A lot of fans showing support from this decision saying although it is not confirmed from Big Hit Entertainment, they are known to also put BTS’s health and condition as their top priorities, as well as wanting the boy group to enjoy their time as much as possible.

After starting their tour in Seoul on August 25, they are starting their overseas segment of the tour in LA for their September 5, 6 and 8 shows.



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