Justin Bieber Likes Dean & BTS?!

On 26th August, a video on Instagram and Twitter began to circulate with Justin Beiber and girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin talking to fans about Kpop.

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 23.03.07

In the video, Justin Bieber lets these fans know that he has listened to Kpop. To be precise, he mentions listening to Dean’s ‘Instagram’ – which he seemed to be incredibly fond of!


“I’ve just listened to this Kpop song last night, so fire! It’s called ‘Instagram’, have you heard it?”

“It’s the first Kpop song I’ve ever heard”.

The fans then recommended that Justin should check out BTS’ “IDOL” and in response he said:


“I want to listen to a BTS song, I’ve heard they were so tight!”

They also mentioned that BTS’ Jungkook covered some of Justin’s songs to which he said:

“I got to check it out!”


We are sure that both Dean and BTS would be delighted by Justin’s interest!

Wouldn’t you?? 😉 Comment below your thoughts!

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