BTS’ Jimin Didn’t Love Himself?!

By now, if you have followed the behind the scenes lives of BTS, you may know about Jimin’s self proclaimed low self esteem and perfectionism. Despite his incredible talents, Jimin sometimes lacks confidence and is often cheered up by his members.

In a recent press conference for BTS’ latest album “Love Yourself: Answer”, Jimin opened up about his struggles to love himself:


“We were telling people to ‘Love Yourself’ but I realised that I wasn’t doing that myself… I criticised myself wondering if I’m doing good and what I’m working so hard for.”

In refection he continued:


“There were times when I drank by myself in my room and had many thoughts. I realized that I’ve been mean to myself rather than growing up for the past two and a half years.”

Despite this, with the help of his members and some positive thinking, Jimin is trying to remain optimistic:

“I want to trust myself and the members from now on and work hard with only positive thoughts.”


Fans know the importance of Jimin within BTS and are always here to cheer him on!

Fighting Jimin!!

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