These Beauty moments From ‘Idol’ We Low- Key Are Obsessed with!

*DISCLAIMER* we are aware that this whole MV is actually beaut. After their long awaited comeback and although some are not fully recovered there are some parts of the music video that are worth mentioning.  Their new song although it comes after the ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ era this song is completely opposite to it predecessor –dark and grungy — to a now vibrant and upbeat change. From The MV here are just some of the beauty moments we can not easily forget!


Jimin Becoming The Smokey Eye King!

If BTS music videos have proven anything, it’s the Jimin has the ability to pull of many eye looks. although it is only seen a couple of times Jimin’s red, gold, and brown eyeshadow look natch perfectly with his new hair pink lips and pale skin.

J-Hopes Hair Changing Ability

Not Focusing so much on the makeup for this comeback, J-hope definitely tried to shake things up when it comes to his hair- Being a similar color to ‘Fake Love’ J-hope decided  to try many different styles from the Middle part, 60’s mobster, or curly paired with visors.  He pull all of them off!


The Arrival of Jungkook’s colored Hair

Fan’s have been waiting for this moment, when the member finally revealed he will be taking the leap forward and dying his hair a fantasy color again after years! To be honest we still aren’t 100% over it but either way we are here for it. With the shade changes in the MV we can see that he really has the ability to pull off any color.

RM’s Silver Hair

We aren’t 100% sure if it’s blue or silver- but either way we are completely obsessed  with his new hair color, whether he is being cute with cat filters or looking suave at a dinner table needless to say that his new look is something truly beautiful.

Suga’s Red vibes

the most special part of Yoongi’s new hair is that depending on the lighting you wouldn’t even notice it was red. We were happy to see this color back as it gave us some serious  “Danger” flashbacks; giving us a sense of nostalgia  which we are really thankful for.


Taehyungs Half-Half hair

Needless to say this looks is something fans really reacted to, and for good reasons too. Instead of choosing one color for the comeback V decided to mix it up with two different colors.  Truly you should bask in it’s greatness, it’s confusing different and we are in love!

Jin’s nude makeup

The visual of the group earned his title, showing you don’t need eye shadow or eye liner to still be Mr. World Wide handsome. With just some lip gloss and basic foundation it’s a look that he totally rocks!

Bonus: This Iconic scene

This image needs to explanation juts stare at it and appreciate it.


What were your favorite looks from this comeback? 

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