Black Pink x Dua Lipa collaboration ???


On August 25, Dua Lipa replied to several tweets asking about the singer’s upcoming plans to release any new music. To the tweet, “girl wait what tf do you have up your sleeve”, Lipa answered, “A few songs you guys already know and want. One you don’t know about but i’m excited to share with you. A couple collabs. I got you bb x”.


Black Pink and Dua Lipa had actually met in person a few months back when Lipa went to Korea for her tour, Jennie and Lisa posed with her for a friendly photo!. This plus the two hearts in her tweet, one in black and the other in pink has K-Pop fans thinking that the emojis are references to Black Pink, which they comprehended in relation to a possible collab between the two artists.


Below the tweet of some netizens:


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