Bang Yong Guk opens up to fans about leaving B.A.P

379237E6-3F7D-4C4B-8FBB-67661890D570BBD04FEC-6829-499E-A418-A1E584245366Bang Yong Guk wrote to his fans about leaving B.A.P.

He wrote,

A letter written at dawn with a beautiful moon.
First of all, I want to bow my head and apologize to BABYz that have always cherished and loved B.A.P for bringing disappointing news.
I’ve taken everyone’s hopes and taken it with a heavy responsibility.
Please take that to mean that it was so big and precious to me.
It’s hard to put into words how much strength the B.A.P members and BABYz have been since I debuted.
When I look back, I feel like I was a small, lacking person, but fans and members helped me mature into a big, amazing artist, and I feel like I am indebted deeply.
I will etch this gratitude deep in my heart and never forget it.
I am thankful for sending me love, support, and encouragement that I don’t deserve.
Please protect the B.A.P members and B.A.P, who I cherish most.
No matter when and where, I will continue moving forward and doing music as B.A.P’s leader Bang Yong Guk. Please watch over me.
I always love and respect you.

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