15 Times RM Proved That He Is ‘The God Of Destruction’

RM is the sweet fluff ball that can’t control his incredible destructive prowess, from breaking things like glasses BTS fans know what secret superhuman strength this leader has. This has earned him the title of ‘God Of Destruction’, and here are just examples as to why.

1. when he made the phone fall while shooting for their “Wings” album

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2.  …More than once!

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3. Not even the most innocent games are safe from his hands


4. Every open drink should be kept out of his reach

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5. Nor is the floor is safe from his powers

6. And sadly that wasn’t the only time that’s happened!

7. When he ripped Jungkook’s shirt during “Fake Love”…

Image result for RM rips jungkook shirt gif

8. Wasn’t the first time he’s destroyed a piece of clothing!

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9. Then again he doesn’t even have to be holding the object to almost cause a


10. But when he does, you know it’s not going to end well!

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11. His hands just don’t know their own strength…

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12. And he ends up doing something like this

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13.  It doesn’t even matter if you can see it coming, it’s still going to happen

14. But you know what they say about lemons!

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15. Seriously though, keep drinks out of his grasp!

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