10 Times BTS Was Low-Key Scared of Suga :’)

They Call him Savage for a reason


1.When Jungkook was asked to impersonate Suga 

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In an Interview, BTS was asked who could do the best impersonations, when Jimin suggested that the Maknae impersonate Suga it looks like Jungkook was staring death straight in the face- looking At Suga to ask Permission and still not 100% keen to do it.

2. V wanting to switch partners for this paper passing game

And on that day nobody offered to take V’s place…. Nobody


3. When J-Hope let Suga sleep

J-Hope had no issues annoying the rest of the members especially Jimin when it came to sleeping but smartly chose to leave Suga alone.


4. When J-Hope accidentally woke Suga up


While trying to playfully wake up his other members, J-hope realized he had mistakenly woken up the sleeping bear- who promptly swore at him before he could run away.

5. When V the rapper Stepped aside for Agust D

We all know that v wants his chance to be on a cypher, and when that dream came true he had no problem rapping RM and J-hopes part to their laughter- but he didn’t even try to object when Suga came in to do his part.

6. When they spoke informally to Suga…… when he wasn’t around

The youngest members were still scared to speak about their member informally even though he wasn’t around, even though they still did it to oldest member Jin


7. When all of them were still too scared to ask him questions

When playing a Lie detecting game which involves an electric shock if you are caught lying the members had no problem asking each other hilarious questions. However, when it was Suga’s turn none of them wanted to be the cause of him getting shocked.


8. When Jimin risked a Savage Suga attack for ARMY

Jimin for the sake of ARMY got the courage to go and film Suga even though he knew he would get sworn at- and as expected he told him to go away as soon as he arrived.


9. When V failed to complete his mission

When his mission was to lay on the laps of two of his members V easily laying on RM’s- however when his next target was Suga he wisely chose against it

10. When Jin then failed the same mission 

Jin Was only slightly braver, being able to approach Suga to complete his mission but didn’t have the guts to follow it through.



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