20 hilarious moments on ‘Weekly Idol’

Weekly Idol is almost the staple foundation for any K-pop fandom. Whether it be the first glimpse you get of a group, or if it’s just to watch your favorite band being forced into hilarious situations. With so many episodes being released, and with so… so many silly moments here are some of the favorites form the show!

Get ready to laugh, snort and giggle with these clips!

1) Gfriend going crazy while performing a BIGBANG song


2) The handstand battle of MONSTA X


3) BTOB’s butt slap train


4) VIXX making things hard for Leo


5) BIGBANG imitating what the members are like drunk


6) Seventeens amazing 2x faster dance of ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’


7) And BIGBANG’s 2x faster dance of course


8) iKON not fully understanding what acapella means


9) Super Junior crushing their 2x faster but also looking like they might pass out


10) SHINee adding extra sass into their 2x faster dance


11) Seventeen’s Woozi having to endure kisses while obviously hating it


12) Red Velvet not being able to understand each other with headphones on


13) BTS’s iconic ‘Girl Group’ dance cover battle


14) As well as BTS leaving morning alarm calls for their fans


15) SHINee’s Key literally runs away to avoid doing Aegyo


16) Seventeens Mingyu spending the whole episode chasing his dog around


17) iKON’s B.I being forced to do Aegyo while the rest of the group watch in glee and horror


18) The EXO falsetto battle that probably shattered some glass


19) GOT7 failing their ‘Random Play Dance’, then being forced to watch cringey old videos

20) This Clip that proves Seungri is the king of Aegyo


Who would you add to the list?

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