15 Impossible Would You Rather Question For K-Pop Fans



1. Would you rather see every one of your bias group’s concerts…

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….or meet the members once, one on one, in person?

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2. Would you rather have your ultimate bias sing to you…

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…or dedicate a song to you?

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3.Would you rather see your bias’s cute side…

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…or sexy side, 100% of the time?

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4.Would you rather have dancing skills like BLACKPINK‘s Lisa

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…or a voice like BTS‘s Jimin?

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5.Would you rather guest star in a music video…

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…or be brought on stage?

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6.For non-Korean speakers, would you rather have the power to magically understand Korean…

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…or get front row tickets to every show, but never understand a word?

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7. Would you rather have rapping skills like iKON‘s Bobby

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…or visuals like TWICE‘s Tzuyu?

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8.Would you rather go on a summer getaway with your favourite group…

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…or go on a single date with your bias?

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9. Would you rather give up your favourite K-Dramas…

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…or your favourite K-Pop songs?

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10.Would you rather be a guest on Running Man…Image result for running man kpop gif

or Weekly Idol?

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11.Would you rather go through a zombie safari with BTS…

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…or have a pool party with GOT7?

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12.Would you rather never have subtitles…

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…or never have lyric translations?

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13. Would you rather go to the mall with Girls’ Generation

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…or get a makeover from CL?

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14.Would you rather be able to speak and understand Korean but never get to visit Korea…

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…or visit Korea but never be able to speak or understand Korean?

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15. Last question. Would you rather give up K-Pop…

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…or give up the internet?

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