BTS OWN their Korean Roots in ‘IDOL’ MV Teaser… The World is JUNGSHOOK!

On 23rd August, BTS released their colourful MV Teaser ‘IDOL’.

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 22.54.35

Since the BOOM that was BTS back in 2016, there have been many people hinting here and there that with BTS’ popularity, they have lost their original style and culture and  their music has now become generically Western, not Korean.

04-bts-bbmas-red-carpet-2018-1548 (1).jpg

Well, this concept serves as a response to all the haters saying BTS have become too Westernised. Westernised, WHO?! BTS show off their pride in Korean culture and own it in a modern, BTS fashion! Through the instrumentation to their wardrobe choices, BTS embrace their Korean roots in such an unapologetic way!


We are totally here for it!! <3 Check it out below!

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