ARMY React To BTS’s New Teaser… And It’s Kind Of Amazing!!

Who’s Ready? We Are Not Ready?!?!?!

Last night BTS released a teaser for their comeback with “Idol” and needless to say ARMY could not handle it.  The clip filled with exciting insights on what is to come has broken ARMy all around the world.

It already got ARMY feeling a lot. They immediately took to Twitter to share their feelings and thoughts on the teaser, and because of their dedication they made “#IDOL” shoot up to NO.1 on Twitter’s worldwide trend.

The teaser features a combination of modern and traditional Korean culture., and ARMY has started to point out many things in the teaser. In Case you haven’t seen it Check out the teaser here before divulging any further!


The first things ARMY noticed was that the glitch was back …..


And their ‘Contemporary’ footwear


Fan’s Also noticed that it was Just not the outfits that featured traditional Korean elements, looking at the music used,  the lyrics are traditional Korean such as from pansori, a form of musical storytelling that originated among the lower classes during the Joseon Dynasty. One of RM’s lines also mimics the sound made by traditional drums, which are used in many forms of Korean music including pansori and samulnori. 

Fan’s also noticing that the pose they do is part of Korean culture… and is something they have also done before

Fan’s even going so far as to explain the cough at the end of the teaser…



However, it’s not just the Korean elements ARMY also just expressed the feelings they had for the teaser.

such as the singing

How much they ‘Can’t Even’

Summarising what we are all pretty much feeling


And thinking…


As well as the repeatability

And of course, the Meme that all of us can relate too


BTS’s “Love Yourself: Answer,” featuring the title track “IDOL,” will be released on August 24 at 6 p.m. KST.

What are your thoughts on BTS’s new MV teaser?

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