[BREAKING NEWS!] Pentagon Down To 8 Members Indefinitely!!!

Starting from the reports that members E’Dawn and Yanan had not been participating in many fans events and promotional activities for Pentagon. Cube Entertainment has come forward with a statement explaining that the group will continue as 8 members indefinitely.

In their statement this is what Cube Entertainment said:

“Hello, this is Cube Entertainment.

This note is to inform you about PENTAGON members E’Dawn and Yanan’s future activities.

E’Dawn is temporarily halting activities. Due to health reasons, Yanan is going to focus on treatment and receiving adequate rest instead of activities.

We express our apologies to the many fans who care about PENTAGON. PENTAGON will continue promotions as a group of 8 without E’Dawn and Yanan.

Thank you”.


E’Dawn had reportedly been absent of his appearances with Pentagon after the news was released that he was in a relationship with fellow Cube Label member HyunA, whereas Yanan has been busy with Chinese promotions recently.

There has been no word on when the pair will return to the group.

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