‘Produce 48’ concept songs chart internationally ahead of ‘M! Countdown’

C1CD8FA9-88AF-42BC-A120-DE4F1FC8F5AD.jpegThe concept songs of ‘Produce 48‘ are becoming major hits on international music charts


The album that contains all of the concept songs have the #1 spot on iTunes charts in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, the #2 spot in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, the #3 spot in Vietnam and Singapore, and the #4 spot in Japan. It is also #1 on the iTunes’ K-Pop album charts in all nine of these countries.

As for individual tracks, “See You Again” is #1, “Rumor” is #3, and “To Reach You” is #5 on Thailand’s iTunes singles chart.

Mnet has announced that the different concept groups will all be performing their concept songs on the August 23rd episode of “M! Countdown.”

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