Red Velvet’s Joy says Wendy’s home in Canada has 50 rooms!?

Red Velvet‘s Joy revealed Wendy’s home in Canada has 50 rooms.

On the August 16th episode of ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time‘, Red Velvet featured as guests to promote their chart-topping track “Power Up“. When asked which member is weakest to the hot summer weather, the girls picked Yeri, revealing she had actually thrown up during music video filming because it was so hot. Joy added, “Unni and I enjoy the heat. Irene unni’s AC unit in her room is broken, but she’s just in there like it’s a sauna.”

Seulgi also talked about their time on ‘Battle Trip‘, saying, “It was too short. I wish the members had more time together to hang out.” Joy added, “I want to go hang out at Wendy unni’s place,” and Wendy responded, “Come over. I’ll give you food and shelter.”

Joy then said, “I heard Wendy unni’s house has 50 rooms,” which caused Wendy to say, “What are you saying, Joy? My family moves a lot, so I don’t even know how many rooms there are right now.”

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