Weki Meki announce official colors and fandom name + ‘La La La’ dance practice video.

Weki Meki’s celebrated its 1-year debut anniversary. In celebration, Weki Meki announced the official colors and fandom name of the group.
The two colors representing the girl group are ‘Cherry Tomato’ and ‘Vibrant Yellow’, which are described as the colors that seem refreshing but also fierce.
Weki Meki decided the name ‘Ki-Ling’ as fandom name. The ‘Ki’ comes from ‘Ki’ in their group name, and ‘Ling’ comes from ‘Darling’. The fandom name translates to people that Weki Meki loves, and the people who love Weki Meki. Another meaning behind the name is that Weki Meki is the ‘Ki’ or the key, and the fans are the keychains linking them together.
In another hand, Weki Meki also unveiled a dance practice video for “La La La”!

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