Cube Entertainment is punishing HyunA and E’Dawn ??!!!

Netizens believe HyunA and E’Dawn are being punished for confirming their dating news without Cube Entertainment’s consent.

Earlier, it was announced that Pentagon will be making their comeback as a group of 8 without E’Dawn and Yan An. Shortly after, the agency also announced that HyunA won’t be attending the ‘Youth Day Festival’ due to internal circumstances.


Triple H’s promotions have been cut short and the idol couple has been gradually disappearing from their schedules following their dating news. Seeing this, netizens are starting to believe that their dating confirmation was announced without their agency’s agreement.


In fact, Cube Entertainment has initially denied the dating reports when it first broke out. However, on the day next, HyunA and E’Dawn engaged in an exclusive interview and revealed they’ve been dating for 2 years.

Unfortunately, many fans turned their backs following the dating confirmation. Pentagon fans claimed they are highly disappointed and some are even feeling betrayed at how E’Dawn has been dating before his official debut which ultimately made him lack focus and attention on Pentagon promotions.


Netizens believe Cube Entertainment initially denied the reports to prevent such issues from occurring but the idols went on and made the announcement anyway. Rumors about E’Dawn leaving Pentagon has also been circulating.

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