10 Reasons K-pop Fans Have Trust Issues

Once you have been in the k-pop fandom long enough you start to notice some things that make you have some hardcore trust issues. Whether it be there ability of an idol to go from cute to sexy af in 0.025 seconds or from them to still look beautiful in a onesie. It is something we will never understand, but here are just SOME of the reasons we have trust issues.

1.their ability to like royalty with makeup…

… but still look amazing barefaced


2.  How one second they can be doing things like this….

Image result for jimin cute gif

….but then they can go and so things like this

Image result for jimin thrust  gif

3. or they will go and do this….

Image result for red velvet jisoo cute gif

but then think this is ok..????

Image result for red velvet jisoo cute gif

4. How they can pull off some really questionable outfits



5. or they could be doing something like this…

Related image

….and then do a 180 and do this

Image result for blackpink jennie sexy gif

6. Or how one comeback will be all cute and fluffy …

Related image

….too sexy in a matter of months

Image result for nct chain gif

7. We can’t handle it when they go from being into a smol bean….


baby bam

to the biggest glo up of the century

bambam now

8. When they impress us with their bad boy aesthetics…

Image result for jin fire gif

… but will remind us of who they really are

Image result for jin fire scared gif

9. Don’t forget how some idols can go from this…..

Image result for jay ikon

….To this….

Image result for jay ikon girl

10. But honestly, the biggest trust issue is that people with these faces…


moonbin 1

Image result for eunwoo astro cute


hide bodies like this..!!!!


Image result for eunwoo astro abs

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