BIGBANG comes back with something special for fans!

V.I.P’s and BIGBANG fans can rejoice as a new video of the group dancing to their song “Let’s Not Fall in Love” thanks to one of their backup dancers.

As many will know the group is celebrating their 12-year anniversary yesterday. One of the group’s dancers who works for YG, Minjung Kim, released a dance practice video for their 2015 hit “Let’s Not Fall in Love.”

The dance practice has left many fans feeling nostalgic as four of the BIGBANG members are currently serving in the military, the posted video is a welcomed surprise that offers fans another chance to see the group in its entirety and having fun in their element.

Congratulations to BIGBANG and V.I.P.s on 12 amazing years!

Check out the newly released dance practice video below:










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