Proof the iKON are variety kings!

Whether you are new to iKON or are a long time stan, you know that iKON is known for their charisma and also their unique personalities. This doesn’t shine through more than when they are on variety shows, and prove not only are they hilarious and worth being stanned- but they also prove that they are kings of variety TV shows.

Check out some of their best clips below!!


#1 The infamous “Weekly Idol” Acapella

This clip will haunt them for the rest of their careers, legend has it you can still hear their  “doomba” chant in your dreams once you watch it.

#2 When Bobby and Junhoe could not handle haunted houses

During a quest on “Oppa Thinking,” Bobby and June had to go through a haunted mansion for the sake of a mission. Being the biggest scaredy-cats it’s no surprise that these two could barely handle it.


#3 Chanwoo showing that he really is the most savage member 

Although he can appear to be one of the shyer members of iKON it actually turns out whenever he speaks he just spews insults towards his fellow members. The video below features a compilation since Chanwoo’s wit simply cannot be contained.

#4 B.I’s “Sexy Dance”

Normally, sexy dances can be awkward and uncomfortable to watch, but B.I owned the stage with such confidence that you can’t help but acknowledge his skills

#5 When simple member profiles just turned into an insult competition 

This whole video is just full of hilarity and scenes that will make you cry with laughter, seeing these boys take a simple task and turning it into an excuse to insult each other will always be a classic.

#6 This ‘cover’ of Red Velvets ‘Red Flavour”

The hosts of this program should have known it was impossible to ask iKON to do a serious cover of the upbeat Red Velvet hit- but if you can call this a cover, i hope you enjoy screaming and just one member being normal.

#7 Junhoe’s amazing imitations 

Although we all know iKON is talented, when on ‘Knowing Bros’ it’s impossible;e to not feature some impressions. Junhoe showed his skills form impression  G-Dragon to Zion.T to Yang Hyun Suk himself, nobody in YG is safe from his wrath.

#8 Bobby seizing the moment and making everyone dance to girl group songs 

Bobby seemed to reveal he is literally all of us fans. In the clip, he makes his fellow members dance to girl group songs purely for his entertainment and ours as well.

#9  The members throwing fellow labelmate Seungri under the bus 

iKON presented an issue to the “Ask Us Anything” cast, Much to everyone’s amusement, the members revealed that they found a hard drive of Seungri’s stash of adult videos…with his name on it!

#10  iKON just living their best life and loving their own music. 

Jigging is an understatement as iKON take the advantage to headbang to the point of whiplash while rocking out tot heir own songs. But this video accurately represents our love for their music and for them as well


Whats your favorite iKON variety moment??

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