8 reasons why ‘THE BOYZ’ should be your new favorite group!

In case you have never heard of them ‘The Boyz’ are a 12-member boy group under Cre.Ker Entertainment, they debuted last year on December 6th, they recently had a single produced by Block B member Park Kyung.

And if you haven’t already you need to start loving these ‘Boyz’ ASAP- if you need convincing here are just some of the reasons as to why you should!!

Firstly introductions:

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Got it? Good- on to the reasons!


1. They are adorable!

2. They are really talented!

3. They are really funny! 


4. they have the best charms ever!


5. They have good music! 


6. The Awaiting Glow up!! 

The oldest member of this group is 21 so there is much potential to these boys change from ‘The Boyz’ to ‘The Men’.

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7. You can watch a rookie group grow

every loves seeing how far a group will go form debut to where they will be in a couple years. Since they only recently debuted you get to watch the growth!

8. They have an amazingly perfect and meaningful bond

Shown bets in their pre-debut variety show ‘Flower Snack’


So have you decided to Stan the boys? let us know your bias!

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