Red Velvet win #1 August 18th ‘Show! Music Core’

MBC‘s ‘Show! Music Core’ is back for its weekly show featuring performances by many idol groups !!

On this episode, Nature debuted with “Allegro Cantabile“, Super Junior D&E came back with “Bout You“, (G)I-DLE made their comeback with “Hann“, IMFACT returned with “Na Na Na“, Berry Good made a comeback with “Green Apple“, and MXM were back with “Checkmate” and “Ya Ya Ya“.

As for the winners, Red Velvet, Shaun, and TWICE were the nominees, but it was Red Velvet who took the win with “Power Up“. Congrats to Red Velvet!

Performers of the night were Hong Kyung Min, Red Velvet, Leo, DIA, Stray Kids, BIGFLO, SF9, Golden Child, and IN2IT.


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