SF9- ‘SENSUOUS’ album shows an exciting new side!

SF9 has returned with a new concept- changing from their previous concept drawing from Latin and show tune elements, the group is ready to shake up their fans and thrill them with their 5ht mini album ‘Sensuous’.

The tracklist for their album includes the songs:

1. Now or Never
2. Different
3. Unlimited

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Their title song ‘Now or Never’ is A seductive electropop/R&B fusion, along with the MV which has no real plot the viewers can just enjoy the group’s slick choreography and the song to match. ‘Different’ has many similar attributes you come to see in SF9 songs, with a smooth sound that fans have come to know and love from the group. “Unlimited” is definitely heavily influenced by the EDM subgenre although at first, you may not fully understand what you are listening to it has some amazing hooks and rapping this song may take a few listens to get accustomed to.

PHOTOGRAPH” goes back into a classic RnB tune, using autotune that is a current trend at the moment. This song highlights the groups rapping skills and although it may not be fans favorite it definitely has it’s moments and is worth a listen just for the rapping if anything. “SHADOW” matches the theme of the album for sure- it’s sensuous themes builds tensions throughout the song and matches its off-center chorus.

The album definitely shows the boys more masculine side, especially in the title track and the song ‘Shadow’. The boy’s mix elements of rap, EDM, and falsetto to make a well rounded mini album. The highlight is definitely the rapping which takes center stage and has turned this album into something that could impress fans and nonfans as well.

‘Sensuous’ is available on both iTunes and on Spotify! you can listen to the highlight real of the album on Spotify below!

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