#2YearsWithAgustD trends worldwide

Fan’s have taken to Social media to celebrate Agust D‘s 2nd anniversary!

For those who have been living under a rock, back in August 2016 the BTS rapper Suga created an alias known as Agust D and released his very first mixtape. The album had a total of 10 tracks titled  “Agust D“, “Give It To Me“, “Skit“, “The Last“, and more.

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Today now marks the 2nd anniversary of when SUGA’S solo album was released into the world, and now fans around the globe are celebrating! Taking to Twitter to use the hashtag  #2YearsWithAgustD, which now because of the powers of ARMY, the hashtag has quickly become a worldwide trend!
Happy 2nd Anniversary, Agust D!


Check out the MV of SUGA’s first solo release here!!


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