15 Incredible English Covers By KPOP Idols

We all love K-pop songs, but there are also some amazing English songs as well. Sometimes those two worlds combine and our favorite K-pop artists cover some of the more popular English speaking songs. Take a look back through just some of the amazing K-pop idol covers of English songs.


#1 DAY6– “Thinking Out Loud” (Ed Sheeran)


#2 V- “Someone Like You” (Adele)


#3 CNBLUE – “Geek in the Pink” (Jason Mraz)


#4 Jungkook and Jimin(BTS)- ‘We don’t talk anymore’ (Charlie Puth Ft. Selena Gomez) 

#5  Ailee – “I Will Always Love You” (Whitney Houston)

#6 A.C.E- “All Of Me” (John Legend) 


#7  Aphrodite- Chandelier (SIA) 

#8  Henry- Pillow Talk (Zayn Malik) 

#9  Taeyeon – “Take a Bow” (Rihanna)

#10  Seulgi- “I have nothing” (Whitney Housten) 

#11 Lee Hi – “Rolling in the Deep” (Adele)

#12 MAMAMOO ft. Bumkey – “All of Me” (John Legend)

#13  EXO- “Open Arms” (Journey)

#14 Yonghwa and IU – “Lucky” (Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat)

#15 Hyorin – “Halo” (Beyonce)


Let us know your favorite!!!

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