iKON and uneven earnings?

iKON talked about there earnings a recent interview.

iKON recently made a comeback with their album ‘New Kids: Continue’ and as part of the comeback promotions they appeared for an interview on an episode of ‘Section TV’.
The group discussed the response of their title track “Killing Me”, and were asked about the part division-   Kim Jin Hwan brought laughter as he said, “There is no competitiveness because, to be honest, it’s solely decided by B.I.”

Then because of this response a question on how much the members earned then followed B.I replying saying “It’s fair.” 

Kim Jin Hwan added, “He takes a lot from royalty. We don’t get any though.” Koo Jun Hoe agreed and commented, “The pay for singing is a bit small.”
To the members’ playful complaints, B.I said, “We don’t work for money.” 
However, Donghyuk added, “B.I’s lips go upward (in a smile) when it comes time for receiving the payment.” Song Yun Hyeong wrapped things up in a positive manner, saying, “That’s how much B.I works hard.”
You can view a portion of their interview on ‘Section TV’ below.

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