Who are the top 10 groups with the highest album revenues for 2018?

The top 10 groups with the highest album revenue for the first half of 2018 was updated with more recent data.  The sales data collected between January and June of this year, the album revenue was calculated for each K-pop group.

*Therefore, certain groups revenues were made form multiple album releases in 2018, while other groups were made from just one album.


#1 BTS

It should be no surprise that BTS topped the ranks- their 3rd album ‘Fake love’ sold 1,750,117 copies and at a retail price of 19,000 KRW (~16.83 USD) each. Thier total revenue was approximately 33.25 billion KRW (~29,454,954 USD)

#2 Wanna One 

Wanna One coming in 2nd place, their two albums released this year ‘Boomerang’ and ‘light’  collected a total revenue of approximately 27.57 billion KRW (~24,425,324  USD)

#3 SHINee 

SHINee came in 3rd place with their four albums, ‘The Story of Light‘ trilogy and Jonghyun‘s posthumous album ‘Poet | Artist’). The collection of all four albums gave the group a revenue of approximately 7.99 billion KRW  (~7,082,050 USD).
From their 4th- 10th place ranked in order were TWICENCTEXO-CBXGOT7SeventeenBlack Pink, and INFINITE.
the full information of the groups can be seen below!

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