E’DAWN no longer part of Pentagon?

Fan’s Have suspicions that E’dawn may no longer be apart of Pentagon!!

After the announcement of His and Hyuna’s relationship, many fans were divided some showing support others annoyance in the secrecy that the two were together. After fans requested he be removed from fan cafe’s some going so far to suggest he be removed from the group some fans are concerned that they may have gotten there wish.

UNBIRTHDAY’ was an important fan meet for both Pentagon as well as fans, as it was a celebration and inauguration ceremony for the first generation of Pentagon’s official fan club ‘Universe’.  Cube entertainment then announced that both members Yanan and E’Dawn would be absent from the important event- which already struck up concerns with some fans.

The concerns then escalated when at the fanmeet E’Dawn was completely left out during the VCR clips. Yanan although not appearing physically at the fanmeet still managed to have his selfie and message clip shown to fans.

Cube excluded E’Dawn from all the VCRs at the anniversary fanmeet concert thing today, no mention of him whatsoever like he isn’t a part of Pentagon, some members were crying/tearful and I fear where this is going so much. If Cube is really gonna pull him from the group…. :((((

— Luxe Tea (@Sangkyunism) August 11, 2018

Fan’s taking to social media to express their concerns that the complaints really will end up getting the member removed.
What do you think will happen?

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