Idol’s who have mastered the art of savergey!

Idols have to be with their members for a really long time, and that can cause many insults (all in good humor) to fly out. But some idols have no filter when it comes to letting people know what they think about other people or the situation. Here is a collection of just some of the most Savage idols k-pop has to offer.


#1  Heechul- Super Junior

Let’s start off the list with an idol who is renowned for their sarcasm and savage insults. Any fan could make a compilation of his seemingly ‘Don’t care’ attitude which has grown him a lot of popularity since his debut.



#2 Suga- BTS 





#3 Jessi

Jessi is known for her tough and ‘take that’ attitude. This has made her either really well loved by her fans or many people see her as rude. However, she shows her savagery just not caring what people think and saying it how she sees it.

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#4   Jinyoung- GOT7

If you had to rank this list, Jinyoung would be level at 1st place along with BTS Suga. With his skills being his quick wit and sarcastic manner. Jinyoung’s savage nature also extends to that of his fans, often flicking away the hearts they send or laughing off their confessions.     



#5 D.O- EXO

Nicknamed “Satansoo” by international fans, this idol drops truth bombs faster than you can say Byun Baekhyun. He can also give one hell of a headlock and laugh while doing so. Although at his debut he seemed shy, as the group got more popular, the EXO member slowly started to show his true savage colours.



#6 Hyuk- VIXX

This VIXX member uses words as his most powerful weapon, His snarky comments rival even those of fellow savage member Hongbin. Being the youngest member he rivals others for becoming the next ‘Devil Maknae’.



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#7 Kihyun- MONSTA X

This MONSTA X member is hiding under his soft and cute exterior, he is actually the residential bully in the group. He doesn’t just make savage comebacks to his members–he also provides them with harsh reality checks



#8 Minho- SHINee

Sinc debut Minho has shown is savagery to all of his members. Especially on weekly idol, the SHINee member leaves no one behind when it comes to his insults and sarcasm.




Who are your favorite savage artists? let us know in the comments if we missed anyone!


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