Did you know these BTS songs made it into K-dramas?

A.R.M.Y’s were Jungshook to hear these numbers appear in their K-dramas!

#1 Hwarang – “Even If I Die It’s You”

Although it was known that BTS member V was playing a role in the historical drama, you may have missed some vocals by BTS members Jin and the acting role V himself, the song is also part of the dramas official soundtrack!

#2  Life On Mars – “FAKE LOVE” MV

This cameo is a bit of a weird one, in the drama doctors use BTS‘s “FAKE LOVE” MV to try to wake the main character out of a coma. Sure it’s cool but the clips they used were a bit off one of them being the iconic moment when Jungkook flashes his abs.

#3 Goblin – “Boy in Luv”

One of the most popular romance dramas of recent years also featured an old-school throwback of the most popular boyg roups of recent years. Not only is the song used to ensure hilarity- but the band is also directly mentioned in a conversation!

#4 Fight My Way – “Fire”

Being the most popular song at the moment to be featured in K-dramas, it’s no surprise ‘Fire’ would be on this list. the song is used to help Park Seo Joon’s character get hyped up for his fight in the ring

#5 Tunnel – “Save Me”

The song is briefly heard while Yoon Hyun-min’s character browses through documents.

#6 School 2017 – “Boy in Luv”

‘Boy In Luv’ makes it the second cameo in a drama, but this time Kim Jung-Hyun gifts viewers with an unexpected,  “Boy in Luv” dance. This being a romantic drama as well this song fits perfectly.

#7 Imaginary Cat – “Run”

“Run’ can be heard in the background as the two main characters are eating ramen in a convenience store

#8 The Shining Eun Soo – “Lost”

All of BTS’ songs could be added to your work out playlist, so it’s no surprise to hear this member while a character is at the gym.

#9 Second 20s – “Dope”

In this scene, Dope is used as part of a part of a stage performance for this 38-year-old character to show she can dance- and boy can she!

#10 Solomon’s Perjury – “Fire”

A.R.M.Y’s were pleased to see Baek Chul-min’s character was a secret BTS fan when his ringtone if one of BTS’ hit songs!


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