HYOLYN reveals to of had paediatric cancer + the reason behind her tattoos!

As we all know, Hyorin has been rocking a pretty awesome stomach tattoo since Sistar’s ‘Shake It’ days. Many fans were intrigued about the origin of the tattoo and what its meaning was. Well now, Hyolyn has spilled the tea.

On August 9th, Hyolyn appeared on tvN‘s ‘Life Bar‘, where she explained the truth behind her tattoos.

“I have a tattoo on my belly. I got it because of the scars from my two surgeries. The scar was a huge stress factor to me.” Hyorin continues, “I was born with ascites, and put on an incubator immediately after birth. I was diagnosed with pediatric cancer (biliary atresia to be exact).

“I successfully completed the surgery and I received another one a year later. I thought about covering up the scar with a tattoo so I got a cross tattoo over it.”

After revealing her story, she also added that parents of children with biliary atresia send her letters as a type of role model.

Despite going through something so large from such a young age, we are happy that Hyolyn is happy and on her feet, doing better than ever!


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